Combustion chamber and flare stack technology

mobile flare
for associated gas HTC 1,5 MW

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Mobile flares

For applications that only require a flare for a short period or for customers who must be capable of flaring at several sites not simultaneously, C-deg offers a variety of mobile flare types, as low or high temperature versions.

Mobile high temperature flares:
Mobile high temperature flares are being used in the oil- and gas industry as well as by mobile degassing specialists.

Mobile low temperature flares:
A typical application for mobile low temperature flares is the commissioning of biomethane feed-in plants.

Rental flares

C-deg provides several mobile flares for hire. These can be used with or without gas blower and will be adjusted individually to our customers' requirements by our specialists.

Please contact the our C-deg sales team for further information or a quote.

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