Combustion chamber and flare stack technology

Germany - Fürth landfill lean gas flare
with heat extraction HTC 0,4 MW

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Flares with integrated heat recovery

The task of flares is the environmentally sound combustion of excess gases. The operational circumstances often put limitations to the utilization of the energy released. It is desirable to use this excess energy in order to avoid the negative image of "energy destruction".

C-deg offers two alternative heat recovery systems:

Alternative 1: Extracting of a part of the exhaust gas from the combustion chamber and feeding it to a gas/water or gas/gas heat exchanger.


The flare operation is independent from the heat recovery. Even if no heat is consumed, the flare can be operated without limitation.

Alternative 2: Installation of a gas/water heat exchanger at the exhaust gas outlet of the combustion chamber for utilization of the whole exhaust gas stream.


The utilization of the whole exhaust gas stream allows for a much larger amount of heat to be recovered. This increases the energy efficiency of the exhaust gas utilization.

However, there are options that combine the advantages of both alternatives. The possible options of heat recovery have to be analyzed for each special case of application. Main factors are the actual heat demand and the usage of the heat. Our experts will explicitly discuss these options with you and provide you with free guidance on the topic in order to provide you with the optimal quotation for your requirements.

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