Combustion chamber and flare stack technology

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Flares for lean gases and industrial exhaust air

Lean gases are gases that mainly consist of the inert components nitrogen and carbon dioxide and contain such a low concentration of oxidizable components as to preclude their use for energy utilization.

Industrial exhaust air is a special kind of lean gas. Industrial exhaust air stands for air with traces of hydrocarbons below the lower ignition limit. They cannot be combusted spontaneously. Due to the oxygen concentration, they can become explosive if the hydrocarbon level increases. Thus they have to be considered separately from true lean gases.

Lean gases nevertheless contribute to climate change and must therefore be rendered harmless, using thermal treatment. For the combustion of true lean gases, C-deg's innovative lean gas flaring technique is at hand, using the waste heat from the combustion gas for an autothermal combustion of lean gases (without additional support gas) even at very low methane concentrations (down to 5 % vol.).

While burning exhaust air, the level of hydrocarbon concentration determines the way of treatment. If the concentration is far below the lower ignition limit, the exhaust air can be utilized as combustion air for the support burner, hence the hydrocarbons in the exhaust air are oxidized as well. If the concentration is near or above the lower ignition level, a separate burner circle must be used for the exhaust air, in some cases with an additional support burner. C-deg exhaust air flares are equipped with a control system allowing support gas minimization.

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