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CDM landfill gas flare HTC 4,0 MW

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Flares for biogas and landfill gas

Biogas and landfill gas originates from bacterial degradation of organic substance, producing methane as an oxidizable component. These gases therefore show similar combustion behavior. Biogas usually has a higher methane concentration than landfill gas, but the remainder is almost solely the quenching gas carbon dioxide, which has an influence on the igniting properties and flame stability.

C-deg biogas flares are – like all C-deg flares and combustion chambers – equipped with safety features based on the corresponding rules and recommendations for combustion of gaseous fuels. The flare ignition and flame sensor are monitored by a fail-safe burner control unit according to EN 298. Depending on the customer’s requirements and gas conditions, the flares can be equipped with an integrated ATEX gas blower, providing the right gas quantity and pressure. These facts enable the plant operator to be assured that the choice of gas equipment will pass every product safety inspection. For biogas plants that treat their biogas in order to process biomethane (substitute natural gas), C-deg provides combined flares that can be operated with both gas types in spite of their differing physical characteristics.

C-deg delivers biogas and landfill gas flares from 20 kW to 60 MW combustion capacity. Depending on the requirements, the flare can be carried out as an economic low-temperature flare or as a high temperature flare (> 1000 °C according to TA Luft or Landfill Directive). Larger plants availble on request. Each flare is equipped with one or more burner circles, depending on the required volumetric turndown ratio.

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