Combustion chamber and flare stack technology

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2x associated gas flares HTC 32 MW

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Flares for oil associated gas and flash gas

During oil and natural gas production, associated gases accrue. Due to their amount, composition and chemical properties, they cannot be used for energy generation. These gases can be completely oxidized in C-deg high temperature flares (incinerators) at a temperature up to 1,200 °C. This minimizes their environmental impact while meeting (or exceeding) the TA Luft requirements. Because this type of combustion works without visible flames and only the hot and transparent exhaust-gas plume leaves the combustion chamber, this type of flare is not perceived as a typical gas flare. This reduces criticism from residents and environmental activists.

The combustion chamber is dimensioned corresponding to the combustion capacity of the gas to be flared. The combustion capacity ranges from < 100 kW to 40,000 kW. Larger high temperature flares are technically feasible, but the size is limited by the shipping facilities available.

Another important feature of this type of flare plant is the turndown ratio, i.e. the minimum combustion capacity compared to the maximum combustion capacity. In many applications it is required that the flare can process small amounts in addition to the maximum capacity. There are several solutions for providing a high turndown ratio. We can discuss the different solutions together so we can provide you with the optimal solution regarding process requirements and economy.

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